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Summer Dates


Hi everyone!  I've had a crazy couple of weeks, sorry I haven't updated you on everything that's going on.  I'm in the Midwest for the summer, playing, teaching, and practicing.  If you need some sax, flute, backup vox, or aux percussion (or any combination!) on your next project, please contact me!  I'll be back in New York in September.  Find me on Facebook or Twitter for steady updates, and don't hesitate to say 'hi!'



Website Relaunch


Hey all, welcome to the new page! Be sure to poke around a little, there's quite a bit of new information up here. Mr. Longmire turned me on to Artistdata, so now I can easily update everyone with news and upcoming shows, which is pretty cool.

I'm also looking for feedback on the new site. If you have something to say, contact me via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail.

Thanks to Patrick Longmire and Dan Collins for their hard work on the new look and feel. Be sure to check out their stuff - links below.

Dan Collins

Patrick Longmire