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5/5/2018: Full article here 

“Sun Prairie native saxophonist and composer Jim Piela, currently living in Brooklyn, recently announced a new album of original music with his quartet, the Jim Piela Group.”

2014: Full quote here

“Alongside his own work, Dan played piano in the Jim Piela Quartet. He attributes much of his growth as a jazz pianist to these experiences. During JPQ’s four years together, they released two albums and performed many late nights in downtown La Crosse.”

12/19/2011 (re T.U.G.G.): Full article here

“Having a hard work ethic and superior musicianship can only take you so far; to gain a loyal following, musicians must discover what it is that fans admire and expand. With that the Cheese heads TUGG found their calling awhile ago, meshing their talents into an acoustically-driven reggae style, accompanied by feelings of good hope, love, and about returning to paradise.”

5/5/2011: Full article here 

“It doesn’t matter if you prefer rock, funk, reggae, jambands, fusion or jazz: If you’ve seen live music in La Crosse, you’ve probably seen saxophonist Jim Piela.”

7/26/2008 (re Shoeless Revolution): Full article here

“If you want to throw a party, you need friends, lots of energy, and good, danceable music.

Since 2005, that’s just what Shoeless Revolution has been delivering. The band focuses on creating a big celebration on stage. With seven band members, this jazz/rock/funk band is able to add a wide range of color to the party.”

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